Wednesday, July 3, 2013

6 Things You Shouldn't Buy In July

6 things you shouldn't buy in July View:  Mobile  |  Web
Hello Talha,
July is a slow month for retailers, and there are some decent discounts and deals -- if you know where to look.
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7 effective ways you can tackle high fees
You're paying high fees and you may not know it. Follow these tips to identify and reduce them.

7 ways to say 'no way' to bank fees
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6 things you shouldn't buy in July
Here are a handful of items that will probably see better prices later this fall, along with a few things that could be good values right now, in July.

When you can (and can't) buy happiness
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Top 10 DIY mistakes made by home 'handymen'
It's true you can learn a lot from your mistakes but wouldn't it be less expensive to learn from the mistakes of others? Try these on for size.

6 worst home fixes for the money
Find the best and latest high-yield CD rates
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5 ways to score cheap hotel deals
Looking for cheap hotel deals? Visit for tips on how to cut the cost of your next vacation.

6 best US cities for an airport layover
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Jessica Simpson's custom-built home is for sale
This custom-built home was recently renovated and includes a walled stone courtyard, koi pond, gourmet kitchen and master suite with sitting area.

5 celebrity estate planning mistakes
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Saving Money
Student loan interest rates set to jump July 1
By: Christina Couch
Saving Money
Cut these expenses when moving
By: Paula Pant

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