Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Windows 8's top 8 apps (so far)

Learning from the cloud's failings | Internet Explorer users: Don't call them dumb

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Windows 8's top 8 apps (so far)
InfoWorld has gone through the initial offerings in the Windows Store to choose eight apps any business user should get first. Check out our selections. Read More


Why Run Windows Server Apps on AWS?
Top 5 Reasons: 1. No New Hardware, 2. Get Started in Minutes, 3. Use Your .NET Skills in the AWS Cloud, 4. On-Demand Test Environments, and 5. Use your Existing Microsoft Licenses. Learn more with on-demand webinar. Watch now!


Provide instant on-demand remote support with LogMeIn Rescue
Without pre-installed software, quickly connect to PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets anywhere in the world. Get in, solve the problem, and be done in a flash. Plus, Rescue's SaaS-based platform means free upgrades and zero maintenance. Try it free today.

Learning from the cloud's failings
Much of life in IT revolves around planning for the things that we build to fail -- and how we'll cope when they do. Working with the cloud is no different. Read More

Internet Explorer users: Don't call them dumb
If you want to prove something with numbers, there's an obscure survey somewhere that will do the trick nicely. Cringe looks at a new study that tackles Internet Explorer users again. Read More

7 office suites for Android devices
You can take your work with you, thanks to several office suites which let you view and edit your documents on an Android device. Read More

CIOs Can Be Chief Innovation Officers, Too
Call it "CIO squared." Companies are tapping savvy execs to handle two complementary roles at the same time: chief information officer and chief innovation officer. Read More

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