Friday, March 16, 2012

Windows 8 features that may entice consumers, why you're meant to be in IT, catch-up tasks for slow times

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TechRepublic Member | March 16, 2012

10 reasons why Windows 8 may appeal to consumers

Will Windows 8 be a hit with consumers? Maybe. Here are a few things that could win them over. Read more

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10 signs that you ARE cut out for IT

We've looked at why IT might not be your best career choice -- now it's time to consider the flip side. Read more

10 tasks to keep your IT department productive during slow times

When work slows down, it's smart to catch up on back-burner tasks. You can keep your techs busy and get some necessary (but neglected) chores out of the way. Read more

10 annoying habits your Outlook users need to break

Outlook seems to lend itself to worst practices. Luckily, a little education can help prevent a lot of user-induced headaches. Read more

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Checklist: Is your resume ready for prime time?

Here's a checklist to use on your resume to make sure it's the best it can be before you send it out. Read more

Five reasons to take a pass on Windows 8

Scott Lowe talks about some of the drawbacks of Windows 8 that might make it a poor bet for the enterprise. Read more

How to market your IT consultancy

Google's listings, a company blog, client recommendations, and more are all good ways to market an IT service company. Read more

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London 2012 Olympics: Tech on the starting blocks

The London 2012 Games will see a number of technology firsts, from near-field communications payments to 3D TV.

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