Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Windows 8 fails the 'dad test'

Finders, peekers: Lost phones are irresistible | The answer to IT's mobile dilemma is in the cloud

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Windows 8 fails the 'dad test'
A couple of YouTube videos show 'normal' Windows users tackling Windows 8 for the first time. The results are sobering. Read More


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Why Run Windows Server Apps on AWS?
Top 5 Reasons: 1. No New Hardware, 2. Get Started in Minutes, 3. Use Your .NET Skills in the AWS Cloud, 4. On-Demand Test Environments, and 5. Use your Existing Microsoft Licenses. Learn more with on-demand webinar. Watch now!

Finders, peekers: Lost phones are irresistible
Symantec intentionally 'lost' 50 mobile phones and found people can't resist prying. But two simple security measures can protect business data. Read More

The answer to IT's mobile dilemma is in the cloud
Those facing the BYOD challenge should consider public cloud-based resources as an easy, effective, and (with good planning) secure way to provide enterprise data via mobile devices. Read More

Worried about 4G data costs? Here's a simple solution
Some vendors are already using FUD to tell IT how to manage the business expenses associated with 4G data plans. What IT teams need to do is shunt the bean-counting responsibility back into business managers' laps. Read More

IT Service Providers and Customers Battle Over Data Breaches
IT outsourcing providers and their customers are fighting hard over data security liability limits at the negotiating table, and the issue is going to get more contentious in the cloud. Read More

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