Thursday, March 15, 2012

Top 6 Must-Have Home Features

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Hello Talha,
Homebuyers in 2012 have some advantages over prospective buyers in other years. Those advantages don't necessarily translate into confidence about a home purchase.
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4 emotional mistakes made by home sellers
You'll feel sad and ashamed if you let emotion get in the way of being a home seller.

6 tips for a painless closing on your home
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Top 6 must-have home features
Here's what homebuyers want in 2012: low price, great condition, convenient location.

How to do house walk-through before closing
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5 emotional mistakes made by homebuyers
Homebuyers, beware falling in love with a house. Plus four other emotional mistakes that buyers make when buying a home.

First-time homebuying regrets
Find the lowest home equity rates in your area
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5 tips to secure a successful short sale
Short sales have become the only way out for some sellers. Here are five tips you must know when you are selling your home in a short sale.

Why do short sales take so long?
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Top 10 states for foreclosure in January
Foreclosure filings dropped 3 percent nationally from December to January. Is your state in the top 10 for foreclosures?

How foreclosures affect buyers and sellers
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The refi that keeps on taking
By: Holden Lewis
BofA offers principal reduction
By: Polyana da Costa

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