Monday, March 12, 2012

Three Days Away: Linear Tape File System: Setting Your Videos and Data Free Now and for the Future!


The Linear Tape File System works in conjunction with LTO Ultrium 5 tape technology to set a new standard for ease-of-use and portability for video and data tape storage. In this free seminar, at 12p EST, on March 15, learn how LTFS can make accessing videos and data on an LTO-5 tape as easy and intuitive as using a USB Flash drive. Come see how LTFS can set your data free!

Join TV Technology & Digital Video with LTO on March 15th at 12:00 PM EST for this FREE webinar.



Bruce Master 
Senior Program Manager 
IBM Data Protection and Retention Systems, The LTO Program
Bruce Master is a Senior Program Manager for Worldwide Data Protection and Retention Systems Marketing in IBM's Systems and Technology Group. He is located at the IBM Storage Systems development lab in Tucson, Arizona USA. Bruce is a graduate of Arizona State University in Business and after several years of management experience in the retail industry he joined the General Products Division of IBM in 1977. Over the span of Bruce’s IBM career he has worked in computer systems sales, technical and business recruiting, employee education, community relations, systems engineering, and tape – data protection storage systems marketing. Bruce is a member of the marketing team for the LTO Program.

Mark Pastor 
Strategic Business Manager, Disk and Automation 
The LTO Program
Mark has over 14 years experience in the data storage components and solutions market. He was on the original founding business team during LTO technology formation, and he has driven storage technology initiatives in consumer electronics, media and entertainment, government and corporate data security.

Prior to joining Quantum, Mark was Senior Director Market Development at Seagate Technology where he led various phases (definition, planning and launch) of strategic initiatives such as embedded hardware encryption, content distribution, and microdrive development and launch.

Laura Loredo 
Product Marketing Manager 
Nearline Storage
Hewlett Packard
The LTO Program
Laura Loredo is a Marketing Product Manager for World Wide LTO Tape Marketing, located at the HP Storage development lab in Bristol, UK. Laura is a Computer Engineering graduate of the University of Oviedo, Spain, and holds an MBA in Technology Management. Laura joined HP in 1995 and has worked in the R&D engineering group on the development of LTO technology since conception, starting as a firmware engineer, and in recent years she has moved to product marketing where she is now responsible for worldwide HP LTO products. Laura is a member of the marketing team for the LTO Program.

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