Saturday, March 10, 2012

Things You Should Buy in March

Things you should buy in March View:  Mobile  |  Web
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Hello Talha,
This week's top stories include what you should buy in March, the top six home features buyers desire and 12 tax scams to avoid.
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Top 6 must-have home features
Here are six important items on homebuyers' checklists in 2012.

5 tips to secure a successful short sale
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Things you should buy in March
Here are more than a dozen items on which consumers can get some good buys in March.

6 steps to ask for a raise in tough times
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Top 12 tax scams of 2012
This filing season, tax scams include phishing, fake trusts, questionable charitable donations and even unscrupulous tax pros.

7 investor acronyms to learn in short order
Find the best and latest high-yield CD rates
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8 great ways to avoid growing bank fees
Banking is costing consumers more money. Try one of these methods to dodge a hike in bank fees.

4 steps to switching your checking account
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6 premium credit card rewards for the elite
How extravagant are elite credit card rewards? Think private jet rentals and posh events.'s 2012 credit card rewards survey
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Beware of bogus collection calls
By: Marcie Geffner
FHA refis get easier, cheaper
By: Polyana da Costa

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