Friday, March 9, 2012

[TechRepublic] Chrome Dev Tools / iPad Retina display's design challenge

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TechRepublic Member | March 09, 2012

Google Chrome Dev Tools: Scripts Panel

Ryan Boudreaux shows you how the Scripts panel works in the Google Chrome Dev Tools set. Read more

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Web designers face new challenges with iPad's Retina display

Will the iPad's new Retina display really wreak havoc on the web, as one web strategist suggests? What are the challenges and opportunities for web designers? Share your thoughts. Read more

Online privacy policies: User privacy vs. tracking technologies

Ryan Boudreaux looks at the state of online privacy policies in light of Google's and others run-ins with consumers. Does your web dev strategy include tracking technologies? Read more

Cookies and compliance: Has your website taken these six steps?

With a European Union deadline approaching for websites to obtain opt-in consent for cookies, businesses should be putting measures in place now to ensure they are compliant. Read more

Spruce up and debug live wallpaper for Android

Learn how to implement a settings screen for your live wallpaper service for Android, and read a handy trick for debugging live wallpapers in the Eclipse IDE. Read more

Visualizing the Apple iPad Hi-Def Display

Apple is talking about a 3.1 M pixel display for its new Apple iPad, which is double what you get on HDTV. Here's a great infographic showing just what this new pixel density would like on current hardware. Read more

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A closer look at iOS 5.1 (photos)

iOS 5.1 adds some minor improvements and interface tweaks to Apple's mobile OS. CNET takes a closer look at exactly that the update brings. View on site

Hands-on Apple's new iPad (photos)

CNET gets a hands-on look at Apple's third-generation iPad. View on site

Chrome's Native Client powers new games (screenshots)

The Native Client technology that Google has been building into Chrome is powering an impressive array of games in your desktop browser. Check out these stills of its graphics. View on site

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Hands-on: Apple's new iPad (photos)

CNET gets a hands-on look at Apple's third-generation iPad.

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