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[TechRepublic] Australia still an internet enemy

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TechRepublic Member | March 14, 2012

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Did you realise that you were living in a country that was an enemy of the internet? First I smugly thought I'd woken up in the future with PM Abbott and Communications Minister Turnbull busy trying to rip up the NBN, then I realised that I was still in the present and that we have a government that still has that internet filter on its official policy books. We are truly caught in a Morton's Fork at the moment. From the realm of better news, the price of the Raspberry Pi was updated for Australians from approximately $50 to $38 -- that means it is now cheaper than an HDMI cable from Dick Smith. Have a good week everyone. -- Chris

Australia still an internet enemy, update on Pi cost

Reporters Without Borders has kept Australia on the enemies of the internet watch list, Raspberry Pi prices have fallen overnight, and there's new Audacity and Firefox news. Read more

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