Thursday, March 1, 2012

SPECIAL EDITION: Windows 8 preview has landed

What you can expect from Windows 8 | Windows 8 Metro: The InfoWorld visual tour

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Windows 8 product guide for business contains surprises
The Metro UI trumps the old Start menu and reveals ARM devices won't be able to connect to domains. But there are also significantly improved tools for deploying Windows and apps throughout the enterprise. Read More


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What you can expect from Windows 8
For Windows 8 to thrive, it has to add important new capabilities to today's Windows 7 desktop and morph into a touch-enabled, highly portable, secure OS. Let's see how well it does so. Read More

Windows 8 Metro: The InfoWorld visual tour
Metro is radically different, with no windows, frames, menus, or other UI elements on the screen: just the content itself. Here'sour look at the new UI for Windows. Read More

Windows 8: A first-look visual tour
Among the enhancements: new ribbons that present users with an array of previously hidden commands; improved virtualization features; superior file management; and touchscreen capabilities. Read More

Windows 8: The InfoWorld Deep Dive report
Find out what Microsoft's forthcoming OS means for developers, admins, network security, mobile usage, and more in InfoWorld's comprehensive guide. Read More

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