Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The return of the fat app

Google programming languages failing to gain traction | Is your outsourcer agile enough?

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The return of the fat app
Rather than a host of bookmarks in your browser, you may find yourself with a host of application launchers instead -- just like the old days. Read More


Provide instant on-demand remote support with LogMeIn Rescue
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Why Run Windows Server Apps on AWS?
Top 5 Reasons: 1. No New Hardware, 2. Get Started in Minutes, 3. Use Your .NET Skills in the AWS Cloud, 4. On-Demand Test Environments, and 5. Use your Existing Microsoft Licenses. Learn more with on-demand webinar. Watch now!

Google programming languages failing to gain traction
Oracle, Microsoft, and Apple all have a programming language ranked prominently in an industry index that monitors language use, but Google's efforts have yet to yield results. Read More

Is your outsourcer agile enough?
More companies are choosing agile development to create user-friendly, quickly evolving enterprise apps. Here's how to decide if your outsourcer is up to the task. Read More

Microsoft open-sources Mayhem Windows scripting tool
Mayhem allows people with no programming skills to link together different Windows programs to carry out tasks across programs; it will now be managed by the Outercurve Foundation. Read More


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