Thursday, March 15, 2012

Microsoft urges firms to focus on severe RDP flaw

Microsoft patches Windows 8 Consumer Preview | Is Siri getting stupider?

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Microsoft urges firms to focus on severe RDP flaw
The software giant tells companies to act quickly to protect vulnerable systems from hackers exploiting a technology for remotely accessing Windows computers. Read More


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Authentication and Authorization
Read this Deep Dive and learn the right way to apply authentication, authorization, and accounting to your business computing infrastructure. Learn More!

Microsoft patches Windows 8 Consumer Preview
Black Tuesday now officially extends to Windows 8 Consumer Preview, with four new patches released this week. They join the four patches that were released on the "Second Tuesday" round, on Feb. 26. Read More

Is Siri getting stupider?
The problem, according to a class-action lawsuit filed by New York resident Frank Fazio: The iPhone 4S's Siri feature does not perform as advertised. Read More


Companies like Foursquare, StrongMail, and ExoIS are taking charge of cloud server security using Halo from CloudPassage, which ensures easy, scalable, and automated security for dynamic cloud environments. Register today to Secure 25 Cloud Servers for Free with Halo Basic.

Mobile networks will need 10x fatter pipes by 2016
As consumers use more smartphones, tablets and other devices over the coming years, the need for backhaul capacity -- or the links between the cell tower and the wired Internet -- will grow in step, Read More

Where Cobol systems go from here
When the last Cobol programmers walk out the door, 50 years of business processes encapsulated in the software they created may follow. Read More

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