Friday, March 9, 2012

Microsoft Azure outage shows clear need for cloud testing

Why IT shouldn't buy into the 'subscription economy' | Microsoft's secret licensing deal with OnLive

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Microsoft Azure outage shows clear need for cloud testing
Last week, Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud service suffered an outage that was later blamed on a leap year issue, a bug that is now fixed. Although this seems like par for the course in the world of software, cloud computing providers need to be much better than this. Read More


Improve Your Business Capabilities
Cisco enables businesses to realize the benefits of cloud computing - improved agility, better economics, enhanced security and a dynamic, assured experience. Cisco CloudVerse combines three key cloud elements - Unified Data Center, Cloud Intelligent Network, and Cloud Applications and Services. Learn more


Why Run Windows Server Apps on AWS?
Top 5 Reasons: 1. No New Hardware, 2. Get Started in Minutes, 3. Use Your .NET Skills in the AWS Cloud, 4. On-Demand Test Environments, and 5. Use your Existing Microsoft Licenses. Learn more with on-demand webinar. Watch now!

Why IT shouldn't buy into the 'subscription economy'
In case you hadn't heard, ownership is out. Instead, it's all about the "subscription economy" -- if the latest in a long line of extrapolations from a very small number of data points is to be believed. Read More

Microsoft's secret licensing deal with OnLive
How on earth could a company offer free access to Windows and Office 2010 apps ... not charge anything? One Microsoft MVP's quest to find out led to his resignation. Read More

Google drops the price of Cloud Storage service
The fees for the hosted service, which are based on monthly usage, have been cut between 8 percent and 15 percent, depending on the amount of data involved. Read More

Amazon Web Services enacts 'significant' price cut
Amazon Web Services has cut its prices for the 19th time in six years in a bid to fend off competition from the likes of Microsoft Azure and Rackspace. Read More


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