Thursday, March 8, 2012

The 'iPad 3' debuts: What it offers

Steve Jobs vs. Microsoft's Sinofsky: Vision vs. hindsight | Internet Explorer losing enterprise traction

Today's InfoWorld Headlines: Wrap Up

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The 'iPad 3' debuts: What it offers
Apple today released the details of the tablet that it is simply calling "the new iPad." The newest iPad features an improved display, a faster CPU and the ability to act as a cellular hotspot. Read More


Why Run Windows Server Apps on AWS?
Top 5 Reasons: 1. No New Hardware, 2. Get Started in Minutes, 3. Use Your .NET Skills in the AWS Cloud, 4. On-Demand Test Environments, and 5. Use your Existing Microsoft Licenses. Learn more with on-demand webinar. Watch now!


Plug and Play Branch Networking
In today's virtual enterprise, access to corporate resources must be secure, reliable, and manageable, with consistently enforced policy while simultaneously allowing access from anywhere at any time. View Now

Steve Jobs vs. Microsoft's Sinofsky: Vision vs. hindsight
There's a fundamental difference between the way the iPad was created and how Windows 8 is unfolding. Read More

Internet Explorer losing enterprise traction
Enterprise usage of Internet Explorer dropped by 10 percent over the past year, to just over 50 percent, with some organizations still clinging to IE6 despite the security risks. Read More


If you thought that public cloud providers protect your cloud servers from harmful intrusions and other security threats - think again. The burden of securing your cloud servers typically rests with you. Register today to secure 25 cloud servers for free with the award-winning CloudPassage Halo.

How corporations use social media to gauge public persona
Social media sites such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are playing an increasing role in IT as corporations set up and monitor the sites to learn about their public image. Read More

BYOD: A world of pain awaits IT
Want to let your employees use the device of their own choice for business duties? Then be prepared for risks and pain, say IT pros. Read More

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