Friday, March 16, 2012

How To Retire Early Without A Fortune

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Hello Talha,
This week's top stories include how to retire early without a fortune, the top five worst housing markets and seven ways to protect yourself from ID theft.
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Worst housing markets in the U.S.
Home values fell in most of the country from the fourth quarter of 2010 to the same period of 2011. See five cold markets where prices fell fastest.

How much home can you buy?
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How to retire early without a fortune
Think you need a million bucks to enjoy early retirement? These young retirees managed to do it with much less.

When to cut the financial cord on your kids
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7 ways to protect yourself from ID theft
It's insidious as ever. Here's how to ensure you aren't a victim of ID theft.

Jonah Hill plays it straight with money
Find the best and latest high-yield CD rates
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8 hot jobs to snag in 2012
With unemployment high, one of these in-demand jobs could be your answer to return to work in 2012.

10 industries that lost the most jobs
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7 signs of a great 401(k) plan
These important design features can help you determine if your 401(k) plan stands out above the rest.

Planning for home health care services
Tax Tip
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Is cash nearing extinction?
By: Claes Bell
The joy of saving in an IRA
By: Jennie Phipps

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