Thursday, March 15, 2012

Beefing up your vSphere toolkit, Windows 8 preview apps, helpful network discovery tools

Five Apps

TechRepublic Member | March 15, 2012

Five apps to round out your vSphere solution

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Five favorite Windows 8 preview apps

As you kick the tires of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, be sure to check out these early contenders for top apps. Read more

Five apps to help with network discovery

A good discovery tool can be a net admin's best friend. The tools on this list are designed to help with discovery/inventory, monitoring, and reporting. Read more

Five cloud apps for file sharing

When it comes to file sharing, you have a lot of cloud apps to choose from. Here are five solid contenders that are affordable and easy to use. Read more

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'Cell phones kill bees' stories create buzz but the Internet pays the price

Beware sensational tech and science headlines and blog-based claims that are counterintuitive or outrageous -- they exact a high toll on Internet credibility. Read more

Google shuns Apps-based businesses for the sake of "Play"

Google hopes that the Play transition speaks to consumers, but it also speaks to a lack of interest in helping enterprises manage their own set of Google apps. Read more

Analyze server performance with Microsoft Advisor: How to get started

John Joyner shares the benefits of using Microsoft Advisor (part of the Software Assurance program) to analyze how well your servers are tuned to get the best performance out of them. Read more

10 tasks to keep your IT department productive during slow times

When work slows down, it's smart to catch up on back-burner tasks. You can keep your techs busy and get some necessary (but neglected) chores out of the way. Read more

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