Saturday, March 10, 2012

7 Hip Hatchbacks To Tempt Your Teen Driver

7 hip hatchbacks to tempt your teen driver View:  Mobile  |  Web
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Hello Talha,
Fretting over the first car you buy for your teen is an unavoidable part of that new-license, first-car rite of passage.
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5 small diesel cars that save on fuel
Hybrids and electric cars aren't the only ones capable of fuel savings. Think diesel cars, too.

5 easy ways to find cheap gas
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7 hip hatchbacks to tempt your teen driver
You want your teen driver to be safe, and he wants to be cool. These seven hatchbacks can fulfill both needs.

Monitor teen drivers to cut car insurance
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4 trusty new cars with lower ownership costs
It's not what buyers think of when picking out a new car, but these models are kind to your wallet.

When early auto loan payoff won't save
Find best auto loan rates near you
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Repair your car or buy a newer, used car?
Not ready to buy a new car? These factors will determine if you should repair your car or buy a newer, used model.

How can I unload a lemon car?
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Is it safe to buy used tires for your car?
You can save money putting used tires on your car, but there are safety factors to consider before buying.

What if auto loan refinance is too costly?
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National Auto Loan Rates
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Easy to save when buying new car
By: Tara Baukus Mello
More news on Toyota acceleration
By: Tara Baukus Mello

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