Friday, March 16, 2012

5 Tips to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

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Hello Talha,
It's a buyer's market. Your house has competition, and that means you have to do some work to get it ready to sell.
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How much house can you get?
The coasts have the highest home prices. See what the median price buys in 10 cities.

Real estate red flags
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5 tips to get your home ready to sell
Is your home for sale? Here are tips to make your house ready to sell when you put it on the market.

How to sell a home with a tenant in it
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7 ways to bring the outdoors in
Here are ways to welcome spring into your home, on a budget. Let bring the sunshine in!

Refinancing home to pay for kid's college?
Find the best and latest high-yield CD rates
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Should you pay off mortgage in retirement?
When weighing whether to pay off a mortgage loan as you retire, these money factors are pivotal in deciding.

How to time additional mortgage payments
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Do I use up savings to pay off mortgage?
Should you pay off your mortgage to go debt-free? Not if it means emptying out your savings.

Pay off mortgage with lower-rate HELOC?
Tax Tip
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A horrifying refi
By: Holden Lewis
BofA offers principal reduction
By: Polyana da Costa

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