Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The 19 most maddening security questions

File-sharing services maintain their popularity -- at work | In a twist, Anonymous supporters hit by cyber criminals

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The 19 most maddening security questions
For all the knowledge our security guru has soaked up during his years in the trenches, he is still confounded by several questions. See if these security puzzlers baffle you too. Read More


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Eliminate Inconsistent Wireless Performance
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File-sharing services maintain their popularity -- at work
Use of file-sharing services is common within workplaces. And there's a good chance that the trade in data isn't solely for company business. Read More

In a twist, Anonymous supporters hit by cyber criminals
Symantec finds that cyber criminals targeted Anonymous supporters with a denial-of-service tool modified to include Zeus malware. Read More

Google launches privacy plan amid protests
Google contends that the new rules don't veer from previous privacy policies. The company says the changes make it easier for users to see what information the company has collected about them while they use Google's free services. Read More

How to catch an Internet cyber thief
Devoted cyber sleuths are fighting industrial espionage and botnets. Read More


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